Arson Navarro is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist focused on the impact of trauma, how trauma shapes us, and how we grow from it. Their work asks how society creates marginalized people, what it means to exist in “invisible spaces,” and how we can redefine the scars this existence leaves us with.​​​​​​​
My work is an assemblage of digital and printed imagery that elicits memories long-buried; ones that no longer have a name. I allow scratches, smudges, asymmetry, mess...to simulate the unpredictable events of influence that we all encounter and how they build upon or destroy us. Our plans for action and the result are never the same, and so we trip along our paths and gather scars. 
Those moments, to me, are stunning. That trauma is engulfing and hard to look at, yet we are so blessed to be a collection of glitches and broken codes. The patches are proof of our own growing strength. I endeavor to capture the essence of innocence and trauma; to take those broken pieces and build a new form.
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